ETL and the surrounding clubs host a range of competitions such as open shoots and more recently the ETL 80.

ETL itself hosts the illustrious ETL Essex 50, the Mini Mayhem and the new ETL 80, the SEFTA winter league showdown as well as the

occasional BFTA national events.  

SEFTA Winter League  [2021-22 dates t.b.a.]

As a region SEFTA [South East Filed Target Association] holds a league every year through the winter.  It runs for roughly 5 months with 1 or 2 shoots a month.  They are split between the four clubs in the region:  ETL ftc, Springfield ARC, Kent Woodsmen, and Iceni Marksmen.
There are 10 rounds and each club will host 2 rounds over the league.  

After each round the top 4 people from each round will qualify for the showdown.  

Not only is it a competition between individuals within their grade but it also consists of teams from each club.  The clubs may have as many teams as they like but each team must be comprised of 4 shooters; the 4 shooters don't have to be the same grade. 

The league is  shot to national BFTA rules. .